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Love of shooting sports paired with love for coaching is the driving force for Mike Barbero in establishing Clays Coaching, LLC. There are only a few qualified shooting instructors in Western Idaho and even fewer places to shoot. As a partner in Black Dog Clays, Inc, a Boise area Sporting Clays Range, Mike, as Head Instructor, has the place to share what he has learned over the past twelve years of shooting and competing in this exciting and infectious sport. The National Sporting Clays Association offers instructor training and helps to establish guidelines for instructors in the field. As a NSCA member and Certified Instructor, Mike Barbero enjoys developing shooters by improving their understanding of the intricacies of the game and providing instructional programs fitted to the individuals current skill level.

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What Our Clients Are Saying....

We want to thank you for your coaching and shooting advice. Your attention to detail and sensitivity to each shooters different level of experience is amazing. From beginner to old bird hunter you  teach lifelong skills that have helped us enjoy the sport of shot gunning with greater success. ~ Dwayne, Kim, and Jenny
Dwayne, Kim, Angie
I was searching for an instructor who could teach my daughter how to prepare for bird hunting.  My goal for her was to be an effective shooter to make our outdoor adventures more enjoyable.  We met Mike and clicked right away.  He has been helping both of us on our path to becoming better shooters and after 2 weeks of lessons, my daughter was able to consistently hit clay targets giving her the confidence she needed for our first upland outing in Oregon. She was able to knock down a hand full of roosters on our first day out!  Mike helped us get the right gun fit, taught us the basics of shooting and how to set-up properly for flushing birds.  These all came together for us and we plan to continue to refine our skills with Mike.
John Hanousek
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I wanted to let you know how much the two shotgun lessons I received from you helped me on my recent dove shoot in Argentina. As you know, prior to our time together, I was having trouble hitting my butt with my hand. Taking and utilizing the techniques you introduced me to produced a DRAMATIC change for the better in Argentina on all kinds of different shots, angles and speeds of doves. Using your advice on proper gun mount, shooting stance (I can't tell you how much that helped), shotgun fit, target visualization, and relaxing and having fun took me to the leaderboard on my shoot. I shot right at 80%. I have always wanted to become a good wingshot. After working with you, at 59, I feel that I am on my way to this goal for the first time. Please feel free to use me for a reference at any time. I would be happy to tell people about your patient, kind and very effective way of teaching. I have rarely had such value for my money. Thanks again! ~ Harry Martz
"I thought myself a hunter for many years. It was only when I began instruction under Mike Barbero that I became a shooter. His methods are understandable, repeatable, and effective. If you want to shoot better than you ever thought possible -- on both birds and clays -- do yourself a favor . . . call Mike now." ~ Rex Blackburn
"Shotgun shooting is a perishable skill and after a multiyear absence from competitive shooting my skills have definitely perished.  As you know from our discussions I've had lessons in the past  from some of the nationally known shooting instructors in the US.  Quite frankly I've found your level of instruction superior to many of these individuals.  You are well grounded in shotgun shooting fundamentals and your experience as a competitive shooter has given you keen insight into the shooting game.  Most importantly you are able to individualize your instruction  and effectively communicate your teaching points to the student.  As an older shooter  I appreciative  your attentiveness to my physical limitations and your subtle modifications of  my shooting style which have resulted in my improved shooting performance.   I would highly recommend you as a shooting  instructor to both beginners and experienced shooters seeking to improve their game.  Your instruction and the Black Dog  facilities are an excellent resource for the Idaho shooting community.  Thanks FG." ~ Tim Norris


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